Quality versus Quantity in Your Content Marketing

by Daniel Schutzmangolden leader

As a content marketer, the question often arises: which is better, quantity or quality? While ideally you would be able to create a prodigious amount of content while retaining the same high level of quality, it is more realistic to aim for quality over quantity.

Blitzing consumers with content will only serve to make them annoyed and want to avoid your product or service. When planning out your strategy, no matter what the field, quality trumps quantity.

Many companies get into trouble when they feel the need to post and generate content every day whether they have something new to say or not.  You don’t want to be white noise in the customer’s ear; you want to be that melody that they enjoy hearing.

This is, however, not to say that you should not be posting anything while waiting for the next great idea to strike. While developing your short video scripts, or thinking of tweets, you can still be staying in your customers’ consciousness without posting strictly new content. You can re-post work that proved popular with an addendum or by asking for feedback.

As important as finding the right balance of content is generating variety. Fields as diverse as healthcare and the food industry create videos and memes as part of their strategy to help get their message to consumers, whether they be diners in a restaurant or patients in a hospital. Don’t limit yourself to only blog posts when creating content.

Creativity and originality will win you more points than predictability. These two characteristics will also spur people to share your work on other blogs, their personal Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media outlet.

You want your content to be clean, clear, and easy to read. This will not only leave your website design plenty of room to stand out, but it will also make your posts readable so that users will return again and again and encourage others to do the same.

Quality content as opposed to quantity will also help your business because it will appear on more Google searches. According to searchengineland.com, 66.5% of searches originate with Google, who prides quality over quantity. Instead of displaying a bunch of junk results, Google will display the top quality responses to any one query.